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Feb 18th
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Bicycle Colorado

2012 Calendar of Colorado Cycling Events

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2012 Calendar of Colorado Cycling Events

Colorado is filled with many Bicyclists all year round. Even at chilling below freezing temperatures, many riders dedicate their energy and lives to the roads and bicycles in Colorado.

Besides being good to your body, the scenaries in Colorado make the soul flourish with new energy and thoughts. It will be impossible for anyone to not think their in new ways when they see these massive mountains that have different characters through out the year. Following is a list of Organized Events that help people who would like to get into bicyclists + They became tradition for many experienced bicyclists in Colorado. Each event that I participated has brought memories that my wife (Anu) and I discuss and cherish. After all, we save money through out our lives for "comfortable" old age living. And, we save memories for "happy" old age living.

2012 Calendar of Colorado Road Bicycling Events
Date   Event Website  Elev.
 Distance Start
Climb  Registration
Am I Riding?
Mar 10-11 Moab Skinny Tire Festival
Dead Horse Point(10th), Colorado River (11th)
website  Route 46mi (10th)
50 mi (11th)
4,000 ft 3000ft (10th),
200 ft (11th)
$55 (before 12/31)
for both Sat & Sun 
May 2 Community Classic Bike Tour
McKee Medical Center Foundations
May 26 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, Durango, CO
50 mile McDonalds Citizen's Tour 
website  Route 50 mi  6,512 ft 6,650 ft  $90
Sold out 12/6/11
 May 19 Buena Vista Bicycle Festival
Colorado Springs Cycling Club 
website Route  35 mi, 50 mi
62 mi, 100 mi 
May Mission to Ride
Black Canyon 
Jun 9 Starlight Spectacular (riding at midnight)
Heuberger Subaru at Garden of the Gods
website Route 14-22 mi
 Jun 3 Subaru Elephant Rock  website Yes
Jun 17-23 Bicycle Tour of Colorado website Route

462 mi

Jun 23 Boulder Sunrise Century website Route
Jun 30-Jul 1 Colorado MS-150 Bike Tour
National Multiple Sclerosis Society 
Jun 17 Denver Century Ride (Father's Day)
Coldwell Banker 
website 25 mi, 62 mi
85 mi, 100 mi
Aug 4 Copper Triangle website  Route 80 mi   9,300 ft  5,981 ft  $120-$130  2015 Goal!
Aug Tour de Cure click
Sep Tour de Vineyards click
Sep 9 Buffalo Bicycle Classic website 14, 35, 50 mi
70, 100 mi
Assault on the Peak click
Pedal the Platte website
SPAN the Rockies click
Golden Rules

Winning Office Politics by Andrew DuBrin

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These are the experts from the Andrew DuBrin's book called Winning Office Politics by Andrew J. DuBrin :

The Inevitablity of Office Politics:

Measuring Your Political Tendencies:

Planning Your Political Campaign:

Getting the Boss on Your Side:


Golden Rules

Golden Rules from Dale Carnegie's Golden Book

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Golden Rules from Dale Carnegie's Golden Book

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Bicycle Colorado

Colorado Mountain Passes

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Colorado Mountain Passes

Following is list of the most popular Mountain Passes for the Road Biking